16 fun facts about our sweet 16: part 2

As we finish up “guess the makeup line: fun facts”, please don’t forget to look at our post explaining all about our blush madness contest and how you can win a free makeup lesson at The Beauty Parlor! 

Now please meet our other 8 makeup lines:

9. This diverse pro line not only makes beauty makeup but is also famous for their special effects makeup.

10.  This brand started as a skin care company. As they started adding makeup products they continued to focus on making sure the makeup also did great things for the skin.

11. This brand is 100% cruelty free. Their products are never tested on animals nor do the buy ingredients from manufacturers that test on animals.

12. This line was created in 1976 by an Emmy nominated makeup artist as the first professional makeup line with natural wearable colors for everyone. 

13. This budget friendly brand is known for following youth focused tends for their customers who are often first time makeup buyers.

14. In 1989 proctor and gamble acquired this drug store brand that is known for the many famous faces that have modeled for them.

15. This paraben,  phthalates, and synthetic fragrance free line started in the creators one-bedroom apartment. 

16. This beauty retailer not only sells their own line of products but also sells many other lines as well and is considered a one-stop shop for all beauty needs.