16 fun facts about our sweet 16: part 1

We thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about the 16 blushes we will be reviewing. 

Here are the first eight. 

Feel free to guess which blush is which.

1. The creator of this makeup line is doing so well he bought his own island. 

2. This line likes to do their part to stay green, by giving their customers a free lipstick every time they bring back six empty makeup containers. 

3. This brand started as a haute couture fashion line in 1961.

4. The creator of this line started out as a painter and sculptor before becoming a makeup artist and makeup maker. 

5. This family owned and operated makeup company prides itself on keeping overhead low and passing the savings on to their clients. It must be working, their blushes are only $2.99 each!

6.  This makeup company was created by twin sisters; whose products are known not only for their quality but also for their fun names and cute packaging. 

7. This relatively new UK brand started in 2008 with an emphasis on keeping the makeup edgy, punk, and high in pigment!

8. This line was created by a chemist over 25 years ago. They have become know for their customizable palettes which gives consumers the freedom to build the makeup bag they want without a bunch of extra colors they don’t.